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How do I book?
The preferred method is by telephoning us on 0431 015 711; alternatively you can email

Once your booking has been made; A booking conformation will be sent out to you.

How much notice do I need to give you for a booking?
You can book anytime however bookings get very busy so please book as early as possible to avoid disappointment

Do you charge more on Public Holidays?
Yes a $50 surcharge applies on public holidays

Is is FREE Delivery?
Delivery is FREE to suburbs within 20kms from LILYDALE and bookings over $100

How do I pay?
Most people choose to pay cash on the day; we DO NOT accept credit card payments. Cheque payments or bank transfers need to be received in sufficient time for funds to clear before the booking date. Cheques WILL NOT except or any other transfers on the day


What do the prices include?
All jumping castle booking prices include local delivery, a delivery charge may need to be charged for out of area deliveries (please contact us for price). T
he price also includes set up and collection

When are your Jumping Castles available?
Our Castles are available 7 days a week all year round, including Public Holidays (however Public Holidays incur a $50 surcharge)

How long do I get the equipment for?
4 hours, 7 hours or over night; check out the Prices Range page for more details

Do I need a Supervisor?
If it is a private party at your house. T
he castle must have the nominated person (adult over 18 years of age). The children's safety on this product is reliant on the supervising adult.
However s
upervision is mandatory in public places or corporate events and requires someone from our company. For these event we provide a supervisor for $30 hour (3 hours minimum)

Can we get our Jumping Castle Picked up at 8pm?
During day light saving times the latest any castle can be hired out is till 7pm
Out side of day light saving the latest the castle can be hired out is strictly 5pm

Do I have to pay a deposit?

What if it rains?
Our castles have built in rain covers so they can still be used in light showery conditions. Jumping Castles should not be used in very heavy rain, due to safety reasons. If the weather is too bad we will ring you on the day to arrange another date or cancel the booking

Can the castle operate on windy days?
Yes they can, however our stronger winds can be a bit too much for some of the castles, we have been forced to cancel some hires, but this is very rare. Some parents might get up set but your child's safety is important to us.

Can the Jumping Castle be set up on a slope?
No, this is not possible however if it is a very slight slope it may be ok, you will need to discuss this prior to the booking

How long does it take to set up/inflate/deflate/pack up the inflatable?
The Jumping Castles take approximately 20 minutes to set up and 20 minutes to pack up depending on the access. However this is only an estimate, times may vary depending on which Castle you hire and how many people are there to help.

Trees need to be pruned for the Jumping Castle to fit in. Are you able to do that?

What happens if the castle does not fit on the property?
In our confirmation and on our website. it gives you the required set up spaced needed for each castle. Please measure carefully (even height). If we are unable to set up the castle due to you not measure the space. We will fully charge you for the hire of the castle. 

How much space is needed?
You will need at least a 1 metre wide pathway to get to the set up point for a medium Castle & at least 1.5 metre wide pathway to the set up point for a larger combo castle. Please advise on booking if there are any steps on access path as castles are up to 200kg heavy and hard to move up steps. If there are steps, the operator may need to have assistance getting to the set up point.

You will need to allow 5m wide, 5m long, 4.5m high for all our Jumping Castles (Toy Story, Cars, Disney Princess and SpongeBob). Cpmbo Castles (with a Slide) requires 6m wide, 7m long, 5m high. Pirates of the Caribbean you will need to allow 7m wide, 7.5m long, 5m. Please make sure all dog poo, garden items such as garden toys, swings, slides patio furniture and rubbish etc, are removed from the area where the castle is to be sited.

Do we need to put/set up Castle?
No. We have fully trained staff who will deliver & install your castle where required & give you all the relevant operating & safety instructions needed to supervise & make sure your party goes ahead without any problems. 

Can you set up the castles on pavers or concrete?
Yes. As long as surface is a flat level surface we can set up on grass, pavers or concrete.  Ground must also be free from any rocks or other sharp objects that may cause damage to the castle (including Lilydale Toppings). We would appreciate the set up area being cleaned of any rubbish prior to our arrival, or extra fees may be incurred. Please let us know at the time of booking if the castle will be going on surface other than grass.

Can you set up the castles up on a stones or gravel Driveway?
No. we can only set the castle up on grass, pavers or concrete.

  When I hire the castle is there anything I need to provide?
We supply all the hardware you will need for the castle, you will need to provide a 240 volt mains power supply.

Do you supply safety instructions?
Yes we provide detailed safety instructions with every hire.

Is there an age limit for children using the castle? And how many can go on at the one time?
. On our Jumping Castles (Toy Story, Cars, Disney Princess etc) kids up to 8 years old and around 8 children are allowed on the castle at one time. For the slide combos we recommend up to 12 years old and around 10 children. We also recommend that the children are grouped in age groups so as to avoid any accidents with older children.

Can Cricket Club's and Foot Ball Clubs Hire a castle?
Only if a supervisor is hired to supervise the castle

  Can we hire a supervisor if it's for a corporate event or promotion?
 We can provide a supervisor for $30 per hour for our Jumping castles or $50 for two operators. Minimum of 3 hours Hire.

What if need to cancel the Jumping Caste?
You need to provide us with at least 7 days notice of your intention to cancel; if you cancel less than 7 days we may not be able to rehire this castle out.

Do you have insurance ?
Over The Moon Jumping castles carries $10,000,000 public liability insurance, so we are covered for your backyard party or full corporate event day. Please feel free to ask for a copy of our certificate of currency.

Can kids drink in castle?
Under no circumstances are any persons to take any beverage, food or foreign objects inside the castles. If there are any spillages or damages caused by cheap face paint, silly string, sharp objects, etc the hirer will be liable for the full cost of any such repairs required. 

Are the castles clean before arrival?
Over The Moon Jumping castles are cleaned after every hire.

Can I have a Jumping Castle set up in a park?
. If you require us to set up in a public reserve or park you must have permission from the council & check if there are any requirements or fees. The ground must also be clear of any sharp objects or obstructions prior to castle arrival/set up and 240 volt mains power must be available. The castle is not to be set up on stones.

Can I move the castle after it has been set-up ?
The castle SHOULD NOT be moved by anyone other than an employee of Over The Moon Jumping Castles.  The castle will be set-up with your consultation; once you are happy with the area selected, stakes and sandbags will be used to secure the castle.

Is there anything else I need to know?
Only what day & the castle you want to choose! Once you've worked that out it's time for the fun to start! If you do think of anything else feel free to contact us any time.


How long should we allow for the Slushie machine before we can use it?
The Slushie machine takes around 60 minutes before you can start using it. We say to allow 90 minutes (because it depends on the temperature of the day).

Can we Buy extra Syrups for our Slushie Machine Hire?
Yes you can. Syrups are $30 and makes up to 20 litres. Syrups can be returned if not used. Flavours they come in are
Raspberry, Blue Lemonade, Tropical, Lime, Lemon & Cola

Do we need to clean the Slushie machine before or after we use it?
We clean the machine before your party and after pickup.

Do you provide the alcohol with the cocktail machine?
No. It is illegal for our company to provide you with the alcohol unless you are a licensed venue or have a liquor license. We can provide you with a recipes to make frozen cocktails and what alcohol you need, we cannot provide it.

Who sets up the cocktail machine?
Our friendly delivery drivers will set the cocktail machine and got through everything with you on the day.

Do we need to provide anything for you?
Yes. We need one standard power point and a sturdy table or bench top for the machine to sit on that can hold 80kgs for a twin bowl and 110kgs.
Plastic trestle tables and glass tables cannot be used

Can we add ice to the Slushie / Cocktail machine?
No. Do not add Ice at any time.

Can we have one side of the cocktail machine with alcohol and the other side without alcohol for the kids?

We do not provide the alcohol so it is up to if you want to add alcohol or not. I do however suggest that you get two Single Slushie machines on this occasion and have them at different sides of the room. Also a different colour flavour would be a great idea so you can have a kids colour and an adults colour. However; closely supervise the machine with alcohol in it so no under age child can reach or access the machine without an adult’s permission.

How many drinks will you get out of the cocktail machine?
Depending on what cups you use and how much you fill them. You will get approximately 70 drinks out of syrups that make 20L

If the liquid runs out during the night, can we add our own cordial or soft drink to the cocktail machine?

No. You cannot add your cordial or soft drink to the Slushie machine. This is because the Slushie machine requires a specially formulated mix so that it freezes at the right consistency. If you add your own mix it may not freeze at all, or it might freeze too much and break the gear box in the Slushie machine, and then you will be liable for the repairs.

Pease Note: If you are concerned that you may run out of cocktail mix during the night, you can order extra refills for your cocktail machine. If you don’t open them and don’t use them, you wont be charged for them.

What is the difference between a Slush machine, a Daiquiri machine and a Cocktail machine?

This is a common question that we get asked. A Cocktail machine, Slush machine and a Daiquiri machine are all the same thing. These words are just what people use to describe them. A Daiquiri is a better description because daiquiris’ are traditionally made in an icy format. Cocktails are usually liquid, but because the industry can offer all cocktails in a frozen format many people have come to describe them as frozen cocktail machines.

What if need to cancel the Hire?
You need to provide us with at least 7 days notice of your intention to cancel; if you cancel less than 7 days we may not be able to rehire the Slushie Machine out.


Do I need provide anything?
You will need to provide a 240 volt mains power supply.

Is it simple to use the Machine?
We go through everything with you on set up.
elow is instructions for the following equipment hire

Fairy Floss Machine Instructions (please click here)

Smart Fairy Floss Machine Instructions (please click here)

How many serves will I need?

This really depends on your event. for kids birthday parties. Allow one each for the kids attending and even one for the adults.
If you are doing a Pre School fate; i would suggest around 100-200 sticks (depending on how big the Pre School is) and for Primary school events anywhere between 200-500 depending how big your school is

Do we need to clean the fairy floss machine before or after we use it?
We clean the machine before your party and after pickup.

Do I need a temporary food permit to sell food from equipment we hire from you?

Which ever Council/Shire governs over the area where the stall is going to be held is where you ask this question

Where do I get information about hygiene regulations and my obligations if I wish to have a stall using your hired equipment?

You have to contact whichever Council/Shire is in charge of the area where the event is going to be held.  You ring the Environmental Health Unit/Office and talk to them and they will send you out the forms and give you any help you may need.

When are your Floss machines available?
Our machine are available 7 days a week all year round, including Public Holidays (however Public Holidays incur a $50 surcharge)

How long do I get the equipment for?
4 hours, 7 hours or over night; prices are on the website

Can I hire someone to make Fairy Floss?

We can provide someone to make fairy floss for your event. We charge for $30 hour (3 hours minimum).


How long does it take for the kettle to heat up?
It takes only 3-5 minutes to heat up to popping temperature

What makes Popcorn Pop?
A popcorn Kernel actually has approximately 12% moisture inside it. As you heat up the kernels, the moisture turns into steam and expands. Once the kernel reaches 240 degrees; the expanding steam forces the hull to explode (pop)

How long does it take to cook a batch of popcorn?
It takes around 3-5 minutes (providing the kettle is heated up to cooking temperature)

  What type of oil should I use to cook Popcorn?
The type of oil that you use will effect the taste of the popcorn. The most common type that is used is coconut oil. It is regarded as the best tasting
and has long been a staple at movie theatres. However, many health conscious people prefer canola oil due to its lower fat and cholesterol content. Other types that are often used are sunflower, peanut and soy.

 What type of oil do you supply your customers with?
We supply coconut oil because it is simply makes the best tasting pop corn!

Do we need to clean the Popcorn machine before or after we use it?
We clean the machine before your party and after pickup.

Is it simple to use the Machine?
We go through everything with you on set up.
elow is instructions for the following equipment hire

Popcorn Machine Instructions (please click here)

Popcorn Warmer Instructions (please click here)


Can I organise my own Face painter on the day?
No. I have allowed people in the past to use their own products and source their own face painters; and their products come off and stain my jumping castle. The lady's that I use have top quality products and do not do damage to my castles.

Do I call them directly or do you organise it for us?
I can organise it for all for you. Unless you would like to call them directly.

How many faces do they paint in an hour?
8-10 kids per hour (full faces) or smaller designs (12-14 kids per hour)

What is the quality of the Face Painting Products they use?
The Face paint is FDA approved, non-toxic & hypo allergenic. 

How do we remove the face paint?
Baby wipes, face washer & water

Does it stain clothing?
Not normally. But if you do find that it gets on
kids clothes/fabric- the advice I have been given apart from following garment instructions is - COLD water with "velvet soap" (hot water tends to set the stain further).

How old do you have to be for face painting?
You are never too old!
(however generally I find that kids under 18 months-two years old don't enjoy being pinned down by their parents and painted!)


How does it work?
Enter our Photo Booth trying on our high quality props including silly glasses, hats, wigs etc.  Designed with the latest in digital technology! They are fully auto mated and print double copies of your images in either colour or black & white within seconds after each session. Video message can also be selected if you would like to leave a message.

How will my photos be printed?
All photos will be printed using state-of-the-art thermal dye sublimation printers to delivered touch dry in seconds

Can I personalize the photo?
Yes, the 4th frame can be personalized for your event

How many people can you fit in the booth?
Our enclosed booths can fit 6-8 people inside; they are wheel chair accessible and have the option to open our booth into an open air studio to fit about 20 guests.

Will my guests have to pay to use the Photo booth?
No, your guests are free to move in and out of the booth to take as many photo's and videos as they choose.

Will we get a copy of the pictures too?
Yes. After your event we will provide you with a USB including all the pictures taken using the booth

Will our guests be able to view all of the photos?
Yes. We can upload the photo if requested

What is a suitable set up area?
The Photo booth needs to be set up in an undercover area on flat ground near power

Is there a charge for travel expenses?
If your event is within 50kms of Lilydale; there will be NO charge for travel. For any events beyond this a small charge may need to be added and will be confirmed at the time of your booking request

How long do the booths take to set up?
Set up and pack up of photo booth will be outside rental time. Set up takes approximately 1 hour whilst pack up and removal takes approximately 30 minutes. We will arrive at the venue and start setting up 1 hour before the booking time. If set up or removal is required earlier or later then the time you have hired the booth for. Idle time may apply ($50 per hour).

What is Idle Time?
Idle time is the time you need the Photo booth to stay at the event (not being used)

How far in advance should I book?
As our booths are extremely popular, we advise that you book as soon as possible

Do I need to pay a deposit?
Yes. A deposit of $100 is required to secure your booking, with the balance due before your event

Do we need to pay a Bond
If you are not hiring an attendant then a $250 security bond is due with your final payment. Security bond will be refunded once we have collected the booth in original hire condition

We require a $100 deposit to secure your booking. A booking form needs to be completed and returned to us to secure your Photo Booth Hire. The Hire cost is due before we set up at your event. If you are not hiring an attendant then a $250 security bond is due with your final payment. Security bond will be refunded once we have collected the booth in original hire condition.

Cancellations need to be made at least 14 days prior to your event or a cancellation fee might be payable


What flavour cakes are available?
chocolate mud / white chocolate or butter cake

Do I ring them directly or do you organise it for us?
It would be best to call them directly.

Can you design an edible image to match my invites?

Once we have established what you need for you party, we take your details and place them into our system. A confirmation letter will be e-mailed to you confirming your details and price on the day.

We suggest that you book in as early as you can to avoid any disappointment!



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